Rocky Mountain Reader Reviews

School: Holden School
This book was written with attitude and strong words and the book was appealing and very interesting. The book really explains a lot about the title.

School: Ecole Holy Name
I enjoyed this story because it was exciting when Owen's grandma won the lottery and was also sweet when Lucky and Spitfire became friends. I would suggest this book to people who like calm books.

School: Ecole Holy Name
I liked this book because of the exciting parts in it like when Owen rides Spitfire in the barrel race. I didn't like it at the beginning because you didn't really know what was happening.

School: Richard Secord
Carried Away in Licorice Days - I like this book because it's about a boy who is living on a farm. He has a baby sister who is sick, so he goes to live on his grandma's farm. She adopted many unwanted animals. Like a blind goat and a mad horse. One day his grandma wins the lottery. He wonders what his grandma will do with the money. This book is very interesting and you would want to find out what happens. 

School: Ranchlands elementary
I loved 'Carried Away on Licorice Days'!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a very good book, both humorous and touching. It tells the story of a young boy who has to live with his grandmother for a few days. She owns an eccentric horse, a three-legged dog and a blind goat, but in the end, the boy finds how meaningful they really are. READ IT!!!!!!!

School: Winfield Community Library
I really enjoyed reading Carried Away on Licorice Days.  I liked it because it was a true meaningful story that caught my eye when I saw the cover.

School: Agnes Davidson
I loved this book, it was so good I couldn't put it down so I really hope it wins.

School: red deer lake
I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this book is amazing I loved how the grandma does nothing for herself with the money she won it all went to the goat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School: Noble Central
this is an awesome book and I love it !!

School: Red Deer Lake.....
Carried away on licorice Days is an... outstanding book!!!!! I like it because I love books about animals.. and this one caught my eye. The author is: Margaret j. McMaster, I wonder if she has written any other books? because I'll probably read them!. What I liked about the book is that it was heart warming and made everything seem silent and peaceful like nothing in the world existed. I'm going to try to read all of the books. if I do I will cross my fingers!!!!!!!!!

School: Agnes Davidson
Hello readers I am going to tell you about one of my favourite books its name is Carried Away on Licorice Days. It's about a boy whose name is Owen and during the story he's mostly at his grandmother's house when he decides that he wants to go into the rodeo for the kids barrel racing competition for the kids his age. So kids I would suggest that you read this book and I'm not kidding...

School: Agnes Davidson
This book was the best book I have read in my entire life because the story really is an interesting and as soon as you start the book it kind of pulls you in. When you read for 10.00 min you're already on the 2nd chapter. If I had to rate this I would rate it 10/10 on this awesome book.

School: St.Jerome Calgary
I think that it was a very good book. But I think it was sad when the blind goat almost died. My favourite part was when the dog was barking and woke up the grandmother and the boy woke up and tried to help as best as he could. The next day when his Dad came to drop off the school things he needed, it was sad because he left him at his grandmother's house.

School: Hawkwood school
It was a very short book but it was a really good one. The book is about a boy that is living with his grandmother and they have a blind kid (guess which kind!) and a horse named Spitfire. One day the boys grandmother wins the lottery ticket and everyone is wondering what she will do with the money. I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU! YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO READ IT!

School: Glenbrook
This is a great story about a boy who has to live with his grandmother because of his younger sibling. Once his grandmother wins the lottery she uses the money on one little kid..... Wondering who it is? Well then you better read this book. It's not very long but it is very interesting. This a great pick for any reader young or old!