Letters from Hackmatack Readers

I loved your grabber at the beginning of the story.  It got me hooked on the book and at the beginning of each chapter you have an awesome opener.  I love your writing and your mysteries in the book and it was very descriptive.  Tyler H.

My favourite part of the book was at the rodeo when Lucky ran into the ring because he wanted to see his friend Spitfire.  It's a great book.  Hayley F.

I really liked the book Carried Away on Licorice Days.  You used a lot of good vocabulary such as unorthodox, gorge, execution, and rambunctious.  Rachel O.

I had a lot of connections with the book like when Owen smelled his grammpie's aftershave and he felt like his grammpie was in the room.  When I go to my grammpie's garage I feel like he's still in there working on a car.  Morgan D.

I really liked how you used different vocabulary and how you foreshadowed a lot throughout the book.  I am a very good visualizer and your book to me, was like a movie playing right in front of my eyes.  Carly M.

I like how the grandma would take wounded animals and take care of them.  Colton C.

One reason I like this book is because you use exquisite words like unorthodox, demanding, and gorge.  Emma Marie M.

An awesome good job!  Ashley

I'm usually an adventure kind of guy, but I really liked your book.  Rain M.

I loved how you made it seem like everything was going to be fine just before the rodeo then made something tragic happen (that may be my most favourite part, either that or when Lucky was able to see).  I liked the mixture of suspense and excitement.  The choice in vocabulary was wonderful.  Brooklyn R. 

I really liked it when Beatrice got the great idea to get Spitfire to like Lucky to make them friends.  The reason I liked that was because I used to ride a horse that was really good friends with a goat but the goat is very protective.  He would get up on his hind legs and charge you.  Beth O.

I am reading Carried Away on Licorice Days for my 3rd time.  "I LOVE THIS BOOK!"  Well ... I have just finished Babysitter Out of Control!.  It's really good!  Now I am reading Looking for Love on Mongo Tongo.  So far it's REALLY good!  Ally P.

I have read your book "Carried Away on Licorice Days" and thought it was the greatest book I have ever read.  My favourite characters in the book are the horse, Spitfire, and the goat, Lucky.  My favourite part in the book is when Owen takes Spitfire to the races.  While I was reading this book I could see it going through my head like a movie.  Chantel M.