Re: the release of Carried Away on Licorice Days in Large Print

Author’s Note:
         Although Carried Away on Licorice Days was published as a children’s book in 2008, its first fans were adults. My mother sold copies of it to members of her bridge club. The remarks that came back encouraged me to submit it for reviews and literary awards. Pretty soon it was a success. Even children liked it!
         Recently I read an article describing how seniors enjoy reading juvenile novels because generally the books have more wholesome plot lines and are easier to follow. Immediately I thought of Carried Away on Licorice Days. The only problem was that it was originally published as a small book, with small print. As it turns out, that was easy to fix!
         Whatever your age, whether you read Carried Away on Licorice Days as it was first published, or in large print, I hope you thoroughly enjoy your reading experience.
Margaret J. McMaster
May 1, 2012