Looking for Love on Mongo Tongo

Format: Trade Paperback
Published: March 8, 2010
Dimensions: 57 pages, 5.25 x 8.5 in
ISBN-13: 9780981052526
Binding: Perfect Bound

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From the Publisher:
When Petey suffers a broken heart and starts losing his feathers, Mrs. Chairbottom decides to retrieve his one true love from the island of Mongo Tongo.

Book Two of the Babysitter Out of Control! Series

From the Critics:
"This is a wonderful children's story that would appeal to both boys and girls. It's 57 pages long, so wouldn't be intimidating for children that aren't really book lovers. The story is quick paced, easy to read and has beautiful color illustrations. The touches of humor, action, and friendship will definitely appeal to children."  Susan Ashcraft, May 26, 2012

What an adorable book!
"The kids just wouldn't let me put it down!" 
Regina E. Hott "Gina ~ Hott Books", October 10th, 2011

"Looking for Love on Mongo Tongo is a lighthearted, amusing, fast-paced adventure that will thrill young readers. Highly recommended." CM: Canadian Review of Materials, June 4th,2010

"This mad-cap tale is a pleasure to read and is especially good for children who are starting to read chapter books. The book is beautifully illustrated and has a very imaginative plot line with barrels of laughs." BIZ X Magazine, September 2010 issue

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